Q&A with mentor Amos Angelovici

Introduce yourself! What do you do?  Hi, I’m Amos Angelovici (don’t try and pronounce it), the founder and CEO of AdSwaper (theadswapper.com) a Columbia based startup. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, co-founded 4 companies and worked with many others.

How did you get involved with #SWCOMO?  Attended my first #SWCOMO event three years ago and fell in love.

What is your involvement this year?  I am one of the mentors and will be available to talk with the groups if they feel they need advice or feedback all through the weekend.

As a mentor, what do you gain from SW? Meet great people, hear amazing and original ideas, and soak in the creative energy. 

What are you most excited about for this upcoming Startup Weekend?  The creative energy, and the amazing people and of course defending my title as last year’s #SWCOMO Rock Paper Scissors champion 🙂